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About Myself on Gynectrol

My name is Adam, I’m a Chef by profession and I love physical activities like bodybuilding and other adventures.

I was too much into this that I had a reaction with some androgenic steroid in my body after which my chest starts protruding.

Later on, I found out that I am a victim of Gynecomastia. I was too much into bodybuilding for which I tried a different kind of steroids.

I am not going to name the exact chemical formulas I used because that will spread the sense of misuse.

Within a year I build a ginormous physique which also gave me plenty amount of strength that I could easily perform any given physical task.

My physique helped me get laid multiple times and it was all bliss.

I didn’t have bitch-tits by then until a year ago when my androgen hormones become imbalanced.

That made my body generate a plethora of Estrogen, which is what causes Gynecomastia.

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Anyone who is telling you man-boobs is untreatable, they are lying!

Gynecomastia is a man disorder which comprises the formation of man-boobs.

By man boobs, it is clear that man develops large bulging breasts like females which is absolutely disgusting.

I was the victim of Gynecomastia and it started happening 4 years ago.

I was too much into bodybuilding for which I tried a different kind of steroids.

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Gynecomastia Treatment For Man Boobs

I am not going to name the exact chemical formulas I used because that’s how it will spread the sense of misuse.


Within a year I build a ginormous physique which also gave me plenty amount of strength that I could easily perform any given physical task.

My physique helped me get laid multiple times and it was all bliss.

I didn’t have bitch-tits by then until a year ago when my androgen hormones become imbalanced.

That made my body generate a plethora of Estrogen, which is what causes Gynecomastia.

What is Estrogen?

Estrogen is characterized as a female hormone which is responsible for bringing up physical and mental traits in women, including big busts, feminine face, enhanced libido and etc.

When the hormone kicks in man’s body, boy that’s not a good sign.

It wasn’t the best time of my life because my physical appearance was devastated as a whole.

I felt social awkwardness more frequently and almost locked myself up in a room for weeks.

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It is true that Gynecomastia symptoms can go away by managing the proper diet and exercise, but it also takes a very long time.

After doing some research about basic components to treat Gynecomastia and supplements I finally landed on something that totally changed my perception about bodybuilding steroids.

That is when I heard about Gynectrol.

What is Gynectrol?

Gynectrol is an easy-to-takesupplement designed by Crazy Bulk for men with Gynecomastia.

Gynectrol review

It is the mixture of man-boobs obliterating ingredients which are extracted from the herbal source.

From an herbal source, I kind of felt relieved because I had no strength to bear the chemical steroids again.

Gynectrol capsules are made to completely eliminate the fat cells accumulated in your chest area with a perfect scientific method.

Having said that, Gynectrol is not only a supplement to treat Gynecomastia but it is also recommended for those individuals with thin chest area and who wants to achieve a broader and wider chest.

What Gynectrol is for?

The headlines I saw about Gynectrol were the reason I became inclined to buy one for myself.

Gynectrol is a natural formula to burn fat across the body, especially in the chest reason.

Men with gynecomastia atlast shows willingness to accept surgical extraction which causes them heavy bills and hideous scar marks on their chest.

To ease the treatment Gynectrol has combined one of the best estrogen-lowering ingredients which, along with perfect diet can reshape the size your chest in no time.

It is for those men who, after using Anabolic steroids are paying for their after-effects, which is me by the way.

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How Does It Work?

Making a supplement isn’t so hard for big companies these days.

Having a supplement with clinically tested ingredients and combining them in one blend is something not every company is doing these days.

The best part about Gynectrol that it does all the functions by natural means.

Ingredients of Gynectrol increase your body temperature during a workout to the extent that it starts to burn fats deposited in the mammary glands.

Each ingredient has a different mechanism of action which we will talk about in the sections given below.

What Are Gynectrol Ingredients?

What makes Gynectrol such as powerful legal steroid for Gynecomastia?

In a supplement, no matter what kind of fancy name it possesses, always look upon the main ingredients.

I took a whole day to search about the exact pharmacology of each ingredient in Gynectrol, and here is what I found.

Gynectrol supplement facts

Gynectrol uses 6 different natures of ingredients, all of them are natural and side-effects free.


Guggulsterone is a phytosteroid present in the resin of the guggul plant, it tends to increase the metabolism speed and increase the reduction of fat cells in a slow manner.

Guggulsterone stimulates the thyroid hormones which battles against weight gain and excess fat reservoir presence in your body.


You will find chromium in Chromium picolinate form in so many dietary supplements.

The purpose of chromium is to break down the glucose and let your energy demands fulfilled by it.

In Adults, use of chromium in a minute dose can deliver a high number of health benefits.


Extracted from the cocoa beans theobromine stimulate the development of lean muscle mass, this happens especially around your chest proximity which literally pushes the fat bulge aside.

Scientists are still working on finding the weight loss benefits of cocoa beans.


Caffeine has multiple benefits; it is an excellent neuron stimulator which keeps you awake at the gym any time of the day.

Caffeine does also possess some incredible weight loss property as it induces the process of lipolysis.


Green tea extract is the most ancient weight loss herb, that increases the temperature of your body drastically.

For treating gynecomastia, thermogenesis is mostly demanded by many individuals.

Furthermore, it doesn’t allow fat cells to be stored in your body parts mainly in the belly region.


More testosterone means less estrogen, which less intensity of Gynecomastia.

By elevating T-level, sclareolides diminish cortisol from your blood which inhibits the chances of stress and depression.

Gynecomastia also includes high-grade depression which further assists fat accumulation.

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Gynectrol Cycle

I adopted the most applied and recommended cycle of Gynectrol which runs for 3 months.

But there is a little difference; there are 1.5 weeks off in between the 3 months.

By that means my first cycle was for 6 weeks, a 1.5 week off, then again 6 weeks cycle makes a complete 3 months Gynectrol cycle.

I visited the official web of Gynectrol and found this information and they were certainly helpful.

You can combine other legal steroids like Clenbutrol which gives you additional cuts besides cutting the chest fat.


The recommended dosage for Gynectrol is 2 capsules each day.

A single bottle contains 60 pills which should run you for a month I guess.

The times are simple, one capsule before breakfast and one before dinner. Meanwhile, executing workout plans will help the supplement deliver faster results.

Gynectrol capsules must be taken 20 minutes before any meal with a glass of plain water. Do not take it with milk or any form of juice.

My Gynectrol Results

Followed by 3 months (12-weeks) cycle, here is my gynectrol result after every 4 weeks.

1st-4th Week Results

The first two weeks were very easy for me as I only had to take 2 capsules and do an hour workout.

My pecs were getting tighter after 2 weeks, which was also characterized by rigid abdominal muscles and stronger forearms.

I did a chest workout on a daily basis, even when I’m at home.

At the end of the 4th week I felt a marked reduction in male breast size, it was by far 2 inches lesser than before.

5th- 6th Week Results

My workout ability was once again enhanced, granted it took some time to get mingled in my system because I already used too many steroids.

The 6th week, was the badass one where I executed every type of chest reps in a given time; of course, my titties were shrinking in size making me happy.

In addition, I was mentally aware and energy-vice boosted.

Off Period

I didn’t use any kind of supplement; only my diet was managed strictly with no fat items and more protein + fiber.

7th-10th Week Results

I carried the bottle of Gynectrol with me at the gym because I was becoming addicted to this supplement.

The first weeks I felt bloated but it didn’t happen ever since the 4th week ended.

My chest has reduced so much of fat cells and now I am in a building phase.

11th-12th Week Results

I might say it with a great vigor and excitement, but the feels are real in this.

I managed to attain my original chest size, which is not in all-female look alike!

Plus I’ve got this ready-for-workout body that allows me to execute any kind of tougher task with easiness.

My mental health is dramatically improved and I can put my profile pic on tinder.

Where to Buy Gynectrol Online?

 If you don’t know, there is a big chance you might not be able to buy Gynectrol from Amazon or GNC. 

The reason why you can’t buy is that there are now more than 100 supplements available to treat gynecomastia.

Yes, they all are available on Amazon except Gynectrol.

Gynectrol like every other legal steroid of Crazy Bulk can be purchased from the official channel.

Their official Store will let you purchase the supplement in affordable price and free shipping.

Buy Gynectrol

I purchased 3 bottles in BUY 2 GET 1 FOR FREE OFFER which only cost me $123.98.

Gynectrol Amazon, WalMart, GNC

Gynectrol is a competing anti-gynecomastia supplement which many stores are willing to place on their shelves.

Crazy Bulk is the legitimate supplier of legal anabolic steroids, which utilizes only the natural constituents in their supplements.

Their products are meant to enhance body size and let you achieve the bodybuilding goals.

Because the site rules online, Crazy Bulk doesn’t find it useful to pay attention to Amazon or GNC because they have their own dedicated marketing and delivery channels.

What Are The Main Benefits of Gynectrol?

  • Alternative to expensive surgical procedures to eliminate man-boobs
  • Effectively reduce fat proportion in the chest region
  • Increase testosterone production by lowering estrogen level
  • Exhibits anti-aging properties
  • Gives you a physique like a bodybuilder if combined with daily workout
  • Boost masculine features in men
  • Battles stress and depression
  • No toxic/side effects

Who Cannot Use Gynectrol?

I read about this in the article that anyone who has a history of low sugar level should not use Gynectrol.

Or the individuals who are allergic to any component present in the formula.

CONCLUSION – Does Gynectrol Really Work?

Men suffering from Gynecomastia lose their confidence level and their main masculine traits which get really hard for them at times.

Consuming the chemical drugs can only harm your body systems and waste your money.

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There is one more thing, Never think that Gynectrol is a miracle pill because you are about to get no result if you only take it without safety measures.

From safety measures, I mean a healthy diet and daily exercise.

With excellent customer reviews, Gynectrol has become the supplement of choice for treating Gynecomastia.

Crazy Bulk has millions of users world-wide who are using their legal alternatives of steroids and by far the reviews are 99% positive.

Gynectrol should be your first line of treatment if by chance you have tried many supplements to tackle the bitch-tits now it’s time you should get your hands on Gynectrol.



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