How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Easily

A Complete Guide to Treat Gynecomastia (Man Boobs/Gyno)

Man boobs development is the biggest challenge in men live, especially those who have a large social circle.

how to get rid of man boobs
Gynecomastia (Man boobs)

The condition completely changes your physical appearance to everyone around you and why not, you have a pair of saggy boobs bulging out of your t-shirt.

Not to mention Gynecomastia is not just an embarrassing condition, but it can pose dangerous threats to your health as well.

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First, let’s see what this condition is and how it can be easily treated.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the actual condition which causes the development of man boobs.

Medically, the condition involves enlarged of the glandular tissues around the male breast area which is most common in boys who just hit the puberty.

chest fat burner

The chances of Gynecomastia occurrence rise when there is the hormonal imbalance in your body, resulting in an extra estrogen level which is opposite of androgen hormones that male requires.

When this happens the enlargement of breast occurs as well as certain alterations in the male physiology including hair loss and testicular shrinkage.

Man Boobs Due to Drug Abuse

In many conditions, Gynecomastia is caused by the overdose of abuse of certain drugs which are known to raise the estrogen level in men.

Example of such drugs is given below.

Use of anabolic steroids for bodybuilding or other purposes:

  • Corticosteroids
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-depressant drugs
  • Opioid analgesics
  • Herbal ingredients like the extra amount of soy protein, tea tree oil or lavender

The mythological facts about Gynecomastia intensity have been a lie, since decades where people were led to believe that there is no treatment for this hideous condition.

As a matter of fact, there are some special type of supplements, diet plan and changes in lifestyle that can easily stop this condition happening any further.

In simple words, it’s the efficient level of estrogen that stimulates the fat deposition in the male breast area.

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The latest techniques involve surgical removal of the excess fat tissues of the chest, but it is a bit risky procedure, I mean, who wants surgical marks on his chest for the rest of his life?

Surgical procedures for gynecomastia are extremely expensive, plus they leave hideous scars on your body.

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs in 5 Easy Steps

Here is the thing, this 5-ways system is really efficient to get rid of man boobs because a lot of people have been on this plan and so far they have attained an incredible result.

Those who want to obliterate the fats from their chest must follow this plan for 6-8 weeks.

This can be stretched to 10 weeks depending on the level of fatty mass you got there.

Here are the 5 steps that can take you to your previous physical state.

1) Use of Natural Supplements

Our goal here is to sustain the hormonal balance which in the case of man boobs is highly disturbed. Use of supplements that enable this process faster is a must.

Here the supplement of choice is Gynectrol, a legal alternative of anabolic steroids that men use for rapid fat loss.

The special thing about Gynectrol are the fat burning ingredients which lower the overall body fat.

The ingredients include

  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Guggulsterones
  • Theobroma Cocoa
  • Green tea extract
  • Caffeine

In combination, these ingredients work in a splendid way by which a proper hormonal balance is achieved.

This will also produce heaps of testosterone in your body which replaces estrogen and helps in burning the fat around the chest.

With gynectrol, it would be easy for you to work out at least an hour per day.

2) Stop Overeating

Taking low calories is the aim!

The stimulation of fat synthesis in our body rises when we consume a large amount of the meal.

So you need to take a little slow here, suppose you eat 2,000 calories a day all you need to do is bring it to 1500.

This way the total calorie deficit would be 500 which with other steps can be beneficial to stop the fat accumulation.

3) Low Carb Diet Intake

When a person takes a low carb diet on a daily basis, his body starts to burn fat as a result of an energy deficit.

To limit the carb diets, you also need to take a moderate amount of protein diets.

50-100 grams of carbohydrate is enough which you can take from fruits and vegetables.

Consumption of healthy fats in a shape of olive oil is considered beneficial to shrink man boobs.

4) Fasted Cardio and Workouts

In order to get rid of the man boobs, one needs to do the hard works because that’s how you are going to attain the ideal chest tone.

Fasted workouts or cardio can help you burn the maximum number of fats; this is done on an empty stomach to which early morning workout is the best!

Early morning workout specifically targets the fat store which is located right on your chest, the one that gives it the protruding appearance.

20-30 minutes cardio is more than enough for you, doing this for 2 months and you will get the best shape of the chest.

5) Meditation

In many places, one of the vital ways to get rid of man boobs is by meditating.

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This is the smartest way to decrease the level of cortisol which encourages emotional eating.

Overweight or individuals who have man boobs have this hormone in a large number which is why they never stop eating.

20 minutes of meditation nourish your physical and mental health which also contributes to weight loss.

The best way to do it by listening to the binaural beats or in silence early in the morning.

Gynectrol Reviews from Men Who Had Man Boobs

The reviews are taken from the official page of Gynectrol, ones who also adopted a healthy diet and lifestyle with the supplement and got positive outcomes.

Gynecomastia before and after
Gynectrol Results

I started using Gynectrol a year ago when I was diagnosed with Gynecomastia.

This is the best supplement for getting rid of man boobs, effectively and with complete safety.

Within 3 months I got my task done by eliminating the fats from my chest and now I have a chiseled shaped pectoral muscle with no sign of fats.

I advise users to buy Gynectrol from CrazyBulk website to ensure the product’s quality.

Bradley Thomas – USA

Been using it for 5 months and I have reduced the size of enlarged breast 30%, I think I need to take it for 3 more months.

Geoffrey Douglas – UK

Are the 5 Steps Gynecomastia Treatment Effective?

If you are following the steps simultaneously throughout the day, you are more prone to get faster results.

The customer reviews of Gynectrol showed its positive side only after using the supplement alone.

Now imagine, if you add the remaining 4 steps the results would be outstanding.

A perfect way to get rid of the man boobs.

Tactics That Do Not Work to Treat Gynecomastia

There are many misconceptions about Gynecomastia treatments, those who think man boobs can be reduced by doing excessive chest workout are wrong.

Even consuming a low-fat diet are not approved to treat man boobs, instead, the low carb diet is advised which provides more effective outcomes.

Final Verdict

Moment of the truth, if you have been depressed due to the man boobs and cannot focus on the other things, following the 5-ways plan mentioned above can provide a useful hand.

order Gynectrol online

The main and the first step is to get yourself Gynectrol and get the hormonal imbalance issue fixed.

This plan can also be performed on a long run and there is nothing wrong with consuming less carb meals, after all, it’s the key to the ripped physique.

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With these 5 steps to getting rid of man boobs, you will also improve the mental state of your health along with achieving muscular chest like bodybuilders.

Is (Gyno) Gynecomastia Curable?

Most of the fitness professionals with an aesthetic physique and broad shoulders look great but, sometimes overweight and the man boobs can dramatically create a negative impact. 

You should see my Gynectrol review and results for more information.


The junk foods and the lack of exercise may develop an excess amount of the fat around the chest area and affect your physique badly.

Despite all of the methods related to the chiseled physique. It is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) Curable?

Yes, the Gyno is completely curable if you follow the proper method and it also depends on the several factors like the level or stage and what are the causes?

There are various methods are available to cure the Gyno but, you need to select the specific one.

The low-calorie diet and the rigorous workout are contributing to manage some of the conditions and reduce the intensity of diseases.

While the gynecomastia curable is entirely based on the causes of gynecomastia.

There are different causes of the gynecomastia development but, the key is imbalances of the male hormones “testosterone” and the female hormone “estrogen”.

In this condition, the testosterone level is going to drop down and the estrogen level becomes to elevate.

The fluctuation of these hormones may develop different conditions or female like characteristics.

The Gyno normally develop in the infant phase or the pubertal stage and this is commonly named as the physiologic gynecomastia.

Not only this, it is also developed due to some conditions such as bodybuilding and the sedentary lifestyle.

The gynecomastia cases are reported 6% in the adolescent boys and a large number of the bodybuilders also experience the excess fat around the chest area.

How To Cure And Treat The Gyno?

To cure the gynecomastia, the very first you need the cause of diseases.

  • If the reason is malnutrition so, there may be the creation of a hormonal environment that sometimes causes the gynecomastia.
  • The liver cirrhosis also alters the hormone metabolism that causes the gynecomastia.
  • Some of the male sex organ disorders are also playing a role to reduce the testosterone production and increase the estrogen level that developed Gyno. The disorders may be trauma, infection, aging, and testicular infections.
  • The severe conditions such as chronic renal failure and the hyperthyroidism may cause the hormonal imbalance.

After understanding the gynecomastia, you can easily overcome the situation and follow the method that is specific or relate to your situation.

1) The Exercises And The Diet:

The gynecomastia is also developed due to the lack of lifestyle habits combined with poor diet and the exercises.

exercise for gyno treatment

For the treatment of this type of Gyno, you need to do some of the exercises such as cardiovascular diseases like walking, swimming, cycling, running, and the jogging.

You may use the machine for at least three to four weeks. Try to start the session from the 10 minutes.

Rest of the other methods, swimming is a great option to do the exercises without feeling any fatigue and it is useful as compared to the other versions.

The important note:

Try to avoid the heavy chest exercises including weightlifting because they may be fatal sometime or playing a role to harden the muscles.

To overcome the gynecomastia, you need to use the few types of equipment and consult to the physician or a doctor before doing any heavy weight lifting.

If we talk about the diet so, it is important to eliminate the foods that are stimulating an estrogen level in the body.

Try to incorporate the foods into your diet that provides you the quality nutrients.

2) The Medications:

In some cases, the medicines can overcome the Gynecomastia. The most common medicines for treating the Gyno are Clomiphene, raloxifene (Evista), Tamoxifen (Soltamox), and the Aromatase inhibitors (Arimidex).

These are not eliminating the breast tissues but, they are considered in the most effective plan.

The Aromatase inhibitors are also used in the Gyno treatment but, they are less effective as compared to the SERMs.

3) Surgery:

Some of the extreme cases require surgery as it necessary. In this case, you need to visit the clinic for three to six months.

It is one of the easiest ways and requires for the treatment of chronic gynecomastia. There are many forms of surgery such as liposuction, mastectomy, and other forms.

4) The Bodybuilding Gynecomastia:

If you are familiar to the fitness world and aware from the bodybuilding side-effects.

So, you may definitely hear the anabolic steroids that cause some of the undesirable effects such as gynecomastia and the water retention.

The Gyno is related to the imbalances of the hormones more specifically estrogen and testosterone result from the steroid use.

To reduce the gynecomastia, it is important to know about the stages or the type of a steroid cycle.

If you want to avoid this condition so just make your steroid cycle less toxic or the light. The mild steroids and the low stacking may reduce the stages.

Moreover, the Post Cycle Therapy is important to minimize toxicity from the liver and eliminate the female like characteristics.

5) Find The Therapist And Get The Society Support:

Hire the therapist is important for you and to overcome or treating the Gyno condition.

Get rid of man boobs

The therapist or psychologist help you to neglect the anxiety and depression from life.

Anxiety or depression is the most common problem of the modern world. With the discoveries of more methods put your mental health into the harm.

Thus, the role of society is very important to overcome the body shame whether it is in the state of fat or the thinning.

Because the Gyno turns people to feel more isolated and embarrassed. It is spread under the specific groups of ages and we should be supported the people who are suffering from gynecomastia.

If you do not want to hire the therapist or talk to the psychologist so, try to make good communication with your friends or the family members.

These members help you to overcome the Gyno condition by eliminating the negative thoughts from your life.

The other way to reduce it by speaking those peoples who already have the gynecomastia.

There are different forums are available where you can easily discuss your problem and share your problems with others in order to find out some of the solutions or the methods of treatment.

The Final Verdict:

According to some reports, the gynecomastia treatment requires less than two years for complete recovery.

Sometimes, it may cause the severe pain and overgrowth of the breasts.

The cure depends upon the cause of Gynecomastia and which stage you are present yet.

Some of the less common Gyno are easily treated by managing a healthy lifestyle including diet and the exercises.

While, the most severe cause require surgery or some advanced methods.

Is Gynecomastia Permanent?

There are a majority of people who are concern about gynecomastia condition.

what is gynecomastia

They want to know about whether this condition remains temporary or permanent?
It is the most frequently asked question by some specific groups.

I have written this blog to address this condition or revealed the Gyno condition treatment.

To understand the answer, you should have some basic knowledge related to Gynecomastia.

What Is The Gynecomastia?

The gynecomastia is a condition in which the male breast tissue becomes enlarged. This conditions almost affect the 35 to 40 percent of the men at their life.

You may often see the newborn babies, adolescent boys, those who are in the puberty, and the older men.

More commonly, it involves both of the breasts while sometimes involve only one breast.

Either, the condition is simple or lumps in the breast that is usually made by the fatty tumors.

The other conditions are involved in the pseudo-gynecomastia, change in the breast shape, or lumps as well.

The gynecomastia symptoms including in an excess of the skin, pointing nipples, and the enlarged areolas.

The topic becomes more controversial as the people try to hide the baggy chest and prefer loose clothing over fitted clothes.

Some are trying to wear the compression shirts in order to flatten their chest. While few are hiding their self in order to overcome social interaction.

It also affected the sex-life and put you in the self-esteem.
Sum of all, the majority becomes frustrated to do a workout without finding too much help.
• More commonly, the gynecomastia cases do not cause long-term complications. They are resolving their own and require less treatment for long-term complications.
• Some people find their self at a great risk of breast cancer after the gynecomastia. The risk factors are linked with a background history of breast cancer, mutation in the genes, and different genetic disorders. In the United States, there are almost 2000 cases are reported of the male breast cancer while 400 men die from the breast cancer per year.

Causes Of Gynecomastia

First of all, there are many causes of the gynecomastia development in which some are mentioned below;

The key reason for Gyno development:

Nature has designed the male and female body in a very different way and the hormones as well.

In both body different kind of hormones provide gender specific features such as testosterone is a male hormone and give secondary sexual characteristics while estrogen is a female hormone.

“The gynecomastia is usually developed when there is an imbalance in the levels of estrogen and testosterone in the body”.

The degree of temporary or permanent persistent is completely based on this above statement.

• Sometimes, it is just a part of the aging process.
• When you are taking a certain type of medicines for the treatment for cardiovascular diseases, ulcers, and prostate cancer.
• Different types of heart conditions such as testicular tumors, obesity, pituitary gland disorders, liver cirrhosis, and other condition.
• The unhealthy function of the kidney, thyroid disorders, and the malnutrition may increase the Gyno risk.
• Sometimes, it is linked with the use of herbal supplements and the abusing of alcohol.
• The accumulation of adipose tissues (obesity) may increase the estrogen production that turns to the gynecomastia.
• The aging is another main reason in which the men’s testosterone level begins to decline and become a reason to develop the breast tissue.
• Sometimes, the anabolic steroid practice following prolonged simultaneously drops down the hormone level.

The Bodybuilding Gynecomastia

The bodybuilding is the fantastic field but, probably you may see a lot of guys with bloated tummies like a pregnant belly and the female like chest.

Somehow, these effects dramatically distract the chiseled or athletic appearance.
The reason behind the Gyno development is the imbalances between estrogen and testosterone hormone.

Some of the steroids practice are associated with increasing the level of estrogen hormone and decline the ratio of male hormone and then the accumulation of undesirable features.

The condition becomes worse if you are running the steroid cycle for longer and combined with heavy doses.

If we discuss the duration for sustained so, it depends on the level of a condition.
The newbie or beginners who run a steroid cycle and experience the Gyno sign and then stop the steroid cycle will recover rapidly within a short period of time.

The advanced level users are more likely to find some of the complications to recover because their level of stages is upgraded.

The Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is run to overcome the estrogenic effects from the body after an ending of a steroid cycle.

The PCT is a combination of the several drugs like Clomid, Nolvadex, And Some Types Of The Estrogen Inhibitors.

The condition becomes worse if you are running the steroid cycle for longer and combined with heavy doses.

If we discuss the duration for sustained so, it depends on the level of a condition.
The newbie or beginners who run a steroid cycle and experience the Gyno sign and then stop the steroid cycle will recover rapidly within a short period of time.

The advanced level users are more likely to find some of the complications to recover because their level of stages is upgraded.

The Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is run to overcome the estrogenic effects from the body after an ending of a steroid cycle.

The PCT is a combination of the several drugs like Clomid, Nolvadex, And Some Types Of The Estrogen Inhibitors.

The Condition That Decides Gyno Development Whether Temporary Or Permanent:

The gynecomastia condition whether temporary or permanent depending upon the different factors such as,

The key:

The more fluctuation in the hormone levels take more time while the less disturbance take a shorter period of time
Despite heal its own, there are several methods are available to overcome the Gynecomastia and each of the methods has its own importance.

Poor Lifestyle

Sometimes, the poor diet and lack of exercise result in the Gynecomastia development.
I do completely agree with this above statement because sometimes the modern sedentary life lying on the couch and eating too much junk foods and spend time with social connections without performing any type of the physical activity can increase the risk of Gynecomastia.
If you experience the beginning of a Gyno development so, it is important to try the workouts that target pectoral muscles.
Some of the common exercises are dips and bench presses.
Avoid the soy, lavender, and tea tree oil that may help you because these types of ingredients are playing a role to increases the estrogen level.
If we talk about the food selections so, try to cut down all of the fatty foods from your diet to avoid unnecessary gaining of weight.

The Medications

If the gynecomastia causes pain or discomfort so, it can treat by the estrogen-blocking agents that are also used for the treatment of breast cancer such as tamoxifen.


The doctor has classified six types of the gynecomastia.

Gyno results

The surgeries are depended upon the severity of a disease usually the patients who have stretched and sagging skin around the breast to perform under local anesthesia.
If you have determined the Gyno type so, begin to learn about the surgical procedure and the overall healing process.
Ways To Treat Gynecomastia:
There are several ways by which you can perform the surgery such as;
• Male breast reduction with tissue excision
• Liposuction
The liposuction is necessary when the nipple and areolas turn to the shape and position for appearing more masculine.
After the surgery, every patient have different healing mechanism and that is unique.
Make sure, the surgery should your last option after trying all of the natural methods to overcome a condition or disease.


The gynecomastia is not a permanent condition, it can be recovered after progressing through different phases and goes away.

There is an inflammatory phase in which the men experience tenderness and usually, 6 to 12 months are required for the treatment and disappearing of scars from the body.
If you are taking some medicines that are a reason for causing gynecomastia so, your doctor may quit the medications.

Conduct an online research to find the various solution that what should you do for a treatment of Gyno.

If you have more questions about Gyno risk factors and treatment plan so, consult a doctor is the better way.

What Is The Best Treatment For Gynecomastia?

Showing your rock hard physique, lean torso, and the broad shoulders are something wonderful.


It seems like a professional bodybuilder or a crazy guy with an athletic physique that sweats a lot, hit the gym like a rat, lifting heavyweight or doing strength training and seeing an amazing result.

But, what?

You are seeing other nasty effects such as gynecomastia and water bloating sign due to the steroids.

Along with showing your chiseled physique, you are also showing Gyno and bloated tummy that dramatically destroy your physique.

There are many guy’s experiences the gynecomastia and find out the methods to treat these conditions.

Here, in this article, you can find out the detailed review on the treatment of Gynecomastia.

What Is The Gynecomastia?

The gynecomastia is a condition in which enlargement of muscle tissues (benign proliferation of the glandular tissue) that develops due to many causes.

In short, it is a combination of increased estrogen activity and reduced level of androgenic activity.

There are different medical conditions are associated with the gynecomastia such as hyperthyroidism, chronic liver disease, digoxin, and the androgen resistance syndromes.

The gynecomastia actually causes by the imbalances between different hormone levels more probably testosterone and estrogen.

The incidence of gynecomastia is reported between 60% to 90% in adults and the men with 70% age.

According to the study, most cases are benign. This can diagnose by evaluating different methods such as physical way and the chemical way.

The actual gynecomastia is rubbery and some of them are misguided it to the pseudo-gynecomastia, fat breast tissue, and a breast abscess (mastitis).

Peoples Who Are More Prone To Develop Gynecomastia:

  • There are many factors are related to the development of gynecomastia such as the variety of medications, different age-related products, bodybuilding, and diet.
  • The pubertal males have a risk of gynecomastia development because they are in their developmental phase.
  • The other factor is aging because you are more likely to suffer from the hormonal imbalances such as the low level of testosterone and other hormones.
  • Sometimes, the reasons for gynecomastia development are side-effects of any medicines. They are overcoming this condition by stopping or substituting the drugs.
  • If you have a history of any kind of diseases such as liver, cirrhosis, and several other conditions.
  • The diet also contributes to the Gyno development because some of the foods directly raise the estrogen levels which is more commonly called “Female hormones”. By check and control, you may find out some help.
  • In bodybuilding, some types of anabolic steroids are linked to stimulate high estrogenic effects in the body.

How To Treat Gynecomastia?

There are several ways for the gynecomastia treatment.

You can examine it through physically and sometimes you need the physical examination.

The physical examination including in the careful observation of breast tissues, abdomen region, and the genitals region.

Later on, they are trying to determine the gynecomastia causes in which some are blood tests, mammograms, testicular ultrasounds, tissue biopsies, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

After giving the anti-estrogen medications, they are going to examine conditions around three to six months for observing the result.

1) Medications

Tamoxifen is a drug that has the mode of action on estrogen receptors.

They normally act as inhibiting the estrogen receptors and a normal amount of dosage is 10mg twice daily.

This drug is prescribed to patients when they are feeling pain, tenderness, and hardness.

It also helps the patients who are linked with prostate cancer and those who are tired from Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

There are many drugs are also discovered for a treatment of gynecomastia. Somehow, they are different in their mode of actions.

The other most common drugs are;

  • Soltamox
  • Raloxifene (Evista)
  • Aromatase inhibitors (Arimidex)

The SERMs are associated with lowering an amount of estrogen but sometimes, they are usually prescribed for severe or painful gynecomastia.

These medications are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

2) The Workout

The workouts are also suitable for giving you the flabby chest without any amount of fat.

Some of the best exercises for reduces amount of fat from the chest area are;

  • Dumbbell pullovers
  • Incline bell dumbbell press
  • Incline bench press on a smith machine
  • Decline Push ups
  • Incline bench press
  • High-Intensity interval training

3) The Nutritional Diet

Addition of anti-estrogen can give you multiple benefits such as reducing the risk of cancer and allow your body to balance all of the hormone levels.

Some types of foods have anti estrogen activity such as;

  • Soy
  • Mushrooms
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Ground Flax seeds
  • Citrus fruits
  • Fiber

4) Supplements

There are many peoples who want to follow the natural pathway instead of following chemical ways and harmful methods.

There are no any supplements are discovered yet that is also approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

Gynectrol review

While, because of increasing demand for supplements, there are many companies who discovered and scientifically-formulated supplements that are made up from natural ingredients.

Their mode of action is to burn up or melted the fat around the chest area and defined a shape of the body.

Some of the most common supplements are;

5) Surgery

You should not look for surgery prior to follow more options. There are many options are available for overcoming this condition.

First of all, you need to follow all of the natural methods and then you can shift towards another option.

Sometimes, the surgery is a gold standard option for overcoming the Gyno condition.

If you are not observing any kind of results from the above-mentioned methods so, the other surgery options are;

  • Liposuction
  • Mastectomy

The liposuction is a type of surgery that allows the removal of fat around glandular tissues.

In Mastectomy, there is a removal of entire breast gland tissues. This surgery requires less time for recovery.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The testosterone replacement therapy is another good option for the treatment of gynecomastia.

It is effective for older men who are usually experiencing reduce testosterone level.


The radiotherapy is the best option for those who are following anti-androgen therapies in order to prevent the development of gynecomastia.


The gynecomastia goes away without treatment in less than two years.

Taking medications can reduce the time period of treatment.

You can treat this condition by following natural methods such as avoiding junk foods and go for a healthy low-calorie diet combined with a combination of exercises.

5 Best Exercises for Chest Building

Any mass gainer on his muscle building journey would go to any length to ensure he packs on some quality mass, especially on his upper-body.

And why not, after all, that’s how he desires to appear- all brawny and all burly.

chest building workout

But as simple as it sounds, things are never that easy for those trying hard for bigger pecs.

It tests your patience by all means yet; it often ends up making one feeling miserable and discouraged.

So what could it be that’s stopping you from having that breathtaking posture and enjoying that extreme upper-body strength?

Well, we could blame it to your form or perhaps, your body is just not ready before you start, that is, you are not warming it up rightly.

But if neither of the two is responsible for the poor gains you are experiencing every time, possibilities are that you are not going for the right exercises or perhaps, the right combination of them.

A Beginner’s Guide For Chest Workouts

If that is the case, we bring you some really effective exercises which are far beyond bench press.

Frankly speaking, these are some advanced ones that will torch up your chest gaining potentials and give you results you have been hard working for.

So go through these exercises and select 2 or 3 suitable ones for your pectorals. 

Do not forget to rotate between movements once you pass a month or a period less than that.

1) Clap Press-Up

To perform this, you need to make the push-up pose.

That is, put yourself in plank position while ensuring to keep your hands and belly stretched.

Remember to position your hands somewhat underneath the shoulders and not over them.

Now move your upper body down towards the floor.

Pull it back with utmost pressure in a way your hands get separate, following a quick clap when up.

2) Chest Dips

Performing this could be a bit difficult because it calls for the right posture on the dip station that needs to be maintained throughout.

But Chest dips are not just about chest building but a lot more than we think.

It strengthens and chisels the torso while adding in the strength gains of chest.

To do it, hold the bars using the palms while your face against the dip station.

Keep the arms stretched while your lower legs crossed.  

Now in a gradual motion, push yourself down in the very same posture until you notice your arms forming the right angle.

Pull yourself immediately up until the arms stretch to the initial position and repeat.

3) Staggered Press-up

Then there is Staggered Press, which we can call the advance version of push-ups.

The interesting turn or change about staggered press is that it involves a push up without placing the arms parallel to each other.

To perform it, take the push-up position while keeping the right hand somewhat ahead to the left.

Bend yourself down till you get closest to the floor and move back to the original position.

Repeat the move while keeping your arms parallel to each other this time.

Continue with the movements using the very same order.

4) Decline barbell bench press

Decline barbell bench press is all about popping your chest.

And performing it isn’t complicating too.

Simply grab a barbell while lying down on your back on a decline adjusted bench.

Position your hands right below your chest and start to lift up and down the barbell.

Repeat the moves and you will find yourself out of breathe shortly.

5) Decline Press-Up

This specifically stresses and works on the lower pecs so that you are able to develop a properly formed chest with the level of definition it needs to appear engaging.

To perform this, position your toes on a bench while facing, and your hands touching the floor.

Make sure you keep your hands straight and stretched, parallel to each other.

Now in a constant but steady way, move your body towards the down to a point you feel your chest is about to touch the floor.

Move yourself up until reaching the starting point, all the way exerting pressure on the chest.

Wait for a moment to begin again.


These were few of our selected exercises we generally prefer over some basic ones.

Other than these, we would recommend close-grip barbell bench press and incline barbell bench press for the serious ones to consider.

When Is The Best Time Of Day For Bodybuilders To Work Out?

The bodybuilders require a lot of hard work, nutrition, and dedication as well for gaining their goals.

One of the most crucial questions that is asked by many individuals is that “what is the best time of day to train for gaining lean muscle mass?

This is a difficult question to address but simply you can do it whenever you want.

best time for workout

Somehow, you can perform it any time in a gym but, the different time period has different effects on the body.

Even with following different nutrition, this is more important to know about the time period of your workout routine.

There are different individuals, beginner, and the professional bodybuilder who have this question that what is the best time for doing the workout.

Which time is the best for training morning, afternoon, evening, and the night time period?

I have received this question from one of the forums and decided to address this question and the subjective topic.

Some guys are hitting a gym like a rat in the morning or thrive on the sun rises, some are squeezing their self at the lunchtime period.

  • Does workout in a morning really give you benefits in the morning?
  • Or it is better to do the workout afternoon?
  • Is there a question that the workouts doing in the morning and afternoon have any positive or negative effects on your health?

The 84% of the population prefer the workout in the evening and it is better to select a good time for the workout.

As bodybuilders or celebrities, you need to be in the chiseled or aesthetic shape of the body.

It is critical to decide that which time is the best for the workout. You need to be in the best shape for getting bigger and stronger body.

The Role Of Circadian Clock

The sleep or wake cycle is also called a circadian rhythm. It is the natural system that regulates the different functions, sleepiness, and the wakefulness for around 24 hours of time.

The moderate time of the training is not actually the people think, there is a science that contributes to the training schedule.

Planning the training schedule is completely depended upon the circadian rhythm.

Each person has a different circadian rhythm in which some of the people have stronger and powerful training.

By selecting any one of the time periods, you will notice the flexibility, better sleep, and reduces the energy.

According to the study in the Northwestern University, growth of muscle tissues runs on the circadian clock for an internal temperature of the body 24 hours. The circadian clock allows to improved muscle growth, improved energy, and better performance.

In another study, working out at morning, evening, or in the night is similar but, consumption of caffeine before the morning workout helps you to increases the performance.

The best time of the workout is that where you feel more energizing and strength to enhance the performance.

The workout time may be morning or sometimes afternoon, and the evening.

Understand The Body Clock

There are different individuals that have the different clock of the body. Some are the morning person, some are the evening person, and some are the night person.

The body clock is called the circadian that affects the hormones level and genetically as well.

The melatonin is a hormone that is affected by the brightness and darkness.

Body Temperature:

 According to the different studies, the overall performance is related to the temperature of the body.

The response to the sleep cycle is different during a day and during the afternoon, and the night.

The exercise time depends upon the type, age or health, sharpness, light or heat, social activities, and the meals.

According to the researchers, the soccer players performed very well at the night. There are different time period such as the 4 PM, 8 PM, and the 12 PM as well.

The time period depends upon the age, health, and gender as well. More commonly, athletes over 50 ages doing more and harder training.

They are affecting by the people as they are rising earlier. This also requires the rest.

In the early morning, athletes have a greater risk of the stroke, heart attack, and the risk of various damages.

Exercises in the late time period may increase respiratory difficulties.

Time Period Depends Upon The Sleep Cycle

There are different individuals who have different sleep cycle in their body. It completely depends on the physiological processes in the body.

The workout regimen completely depends upon the person Lifestyle, Physical Conditions, Workout Schedule, And The Other Factors.

This is an area of the brain that responds to the light and different functions such as responding to the light.

For those individuals, who are getting sleep in the night while working out on the daytime period is the best way?

Some feel very sharp in the morning and others in the night.

Different Types Of Workout

The weight training is the most popular workout for achieving success in a bodybuilding.

When you think about fitness

You can easily achieve the 100% success from the hard or rigorous workouts. You can do your best if your physical and mental health is perfect.

Selection of workout really matter but, your time period also playing a good role and has effects in your overall routine.

Together with the exercises, you may also take the supplements for maintaining the overall health.

What Is The Best Time For Performing The Workouts?

There are almost four times in which you can perform the workouts such as:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • Night

According to many studies and the physical observations, you can pick up the time which is the best for training.

What are the benefits of selecting any one specific time?  Below, I have mentioned the detail of each time period along with the benefits.

Make sure, different individuals have a different sleep cycle and energy levels.

1) Morning

The best time for performing the workout for a building of muscle is morning as compared to other time periods.

In the morning, testosterone level, Human Growth Hormone, and other fundamental hormones are on the moderate range that allows the body to stimulate nitrogen retention process for the protein synthesis.

The morning exercises help you more to reach out the goals because of improved testosterone level.

It allows the re-building of muscle fiber during the weight training. This time is also perfect because you can improve the mental focus, restore the muscle and greater the efficiency.

Performing workout in a morning may allow your body to turn out the fat for an energy.

In this time, the stimulation of serotonin or happy hormone levels is on the peak while the low level of serotonin is associated with the depression.

These type of exercises elevate the mood for rest of the day, the changes take time.

Exercises help to elevate the mood for a long term due to the serotonin level. In the morning, you will feel a less stress for doing the performance.

By doing the workout in a morning time, give you the following benefits such as:

  • Improved level of testosterone
  • Increased mental focus or cognitive function
  • Better memory
  • Reduction of fat
  • Control temperature of the body
  • Improved mood

It was consider that the best time for training in the morning on the empty stomach for hypertrophy.

The reason behind this phenomena is that you can observe the bigger muscle mass and reduction of fat as well.

But it is not the same with every person because some types of people are feeling low, lethargic, and the fatigue in a morning time period and after taking the breakfast.

2) Afternoon

The other best time to do an exercise after the morning. This time affect the body natural system.

You can easily break plateaus by doing the muscle shocking techniques and highest the body limit to push further.

You can get the following benefits, if you are doing the workout in the afternoon;

  • Increased tolerance level to bear the pain
  • Somehow, there is low energy around noon time-period
  • Adrenalin and body temperature has raise
  • The period in which mental and physical function are the balance

According to many studies, there are many bodybuilders who prefer workout in the afternoon.

By doing a workout at the night, you may observe enhance strength and the stamina as well.

In the afternoon, you have a chance to fuel your body with two or three meals.

In this time period, the body has time to processes the carbohydrates for glycogen and synthesis of amino acids.

3) Evening

Generally, this time is not suitable for doing the workouts because it affects the body natural system of a sleep.

In the evening, the workout ability is increase to absorb the nutrients at a cellular level.

The evening is the best time for doing the workouts that is related to the strength and performance.

  • It is the time, where physical activities are on the peak.
  • The coordination, body temperature, and stamina at the peak level.
  • Performance of the lung is best
  • Increased strength as well as the flexibility
  • Improved mental focus

In the evening, there is the highest circadian rhythm when your core body temperature is at the highest.

These entire systems responsible for a proper circulation of the blood and oxygen that is more efficient for perform the workout.

4) The Night

Generally, the nighttime is not suitable for performing the workouts because our body tends to stimulate the melatonin production.

All of the processes should be slowing down because of slowing metabolic processes and difficult to give a time which is the best.

If you train yourself in a nighttime period so, it is more crucial to take the GABA for a production of deep and well-regulated sleep for bigger and the better growth.

The Factors You Should Consider

Together selecting the best time period, you should consider some of other factors which are mentioned below:

best workout routine

1.  Effects Of The Stress

Whatever the time you select, the stress may slow or shut down the system.

The cortisol is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar and catabolism as well.

The growth and building of muscles affected by the stress. The negative effects may alternate the positive effects of your workout.

You need to try the workouts for all the time. Eat the regular fruits and vegetables per meal.

2. Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Eat those fruits that are low in calorie and suppress the appetite level by taking the fiber.

They have consisted of vitamins, minerals, and the antioxidants that may improve the digestion process.

3. Eat More Protein

Adding more protein to your diet is beneficial for you because it prevents the breakdown of muscle and helps to recover.

According to the research, an average amount of the protein is 0.25 to 0.30 grams that you should take.

You will get protein from eggs, Greek yogurt, and the protein powder.

4. Calories count

Adjust the calories count according to the goal. Increase calories rate if you want to build up the muscle mass and decrease when your goal is to cut down the fat.

5. Take More Sleep

The muscle requires more recovery time period to repair. The recommended time for sleep is seven to eight hours.

Sleep also helps to regulate the cortisol, testosterone, and human growth hormones.

Less sleep around 1 or 2 hours may decline the 15% of hormones.


There is no any perfect time decided because it depends upon many factors. 

The body clocks affect the hormone levels the chemicals that affect the daily activities.

Finding the best time of the day to train yourself is not an option for you but, you have to understand entire information and how to manipulate the body results.