When Is The Best Time Of Day For Bodybuilders To Work Out?

The bodybuilders require a lot of hard work, nutrition, and dedication as well for gaining their goals.

One of the most crucial questions that is asked by many individuals is that “what is the best time of day to train for gaining lean muscle mass?

This is a difficult question to address but simply you can do it whenever you want.

best time for workout

Somehow, you can perform it any time in a gym but, the different time period has different effects on the body.

Even with following different nutrition, this is more important to know about the time period of your workout routine.

There are different individuals, beginner, and the professional bodybuilder who have this question that what is the best time for doing the workout.

Which time is the best for training morning, afternoon, evening, and the night time period?

I have received this question from one of the forums and decided to address this question and the subjective topic.

Some guys are hitting a gym like a rat in the morning or thrive on the sun rises, some are squeezing their self at the lunchtime period.

  • Does workout in a morning really give you benefits in the morning?
  • Or it is better to do the workout afternoon?
  • Is there a question that the workouts doing in the morning and afternoon have any positive or negative effects on your health?

The 84% of the population prefer the workout in the evening and it is better to select a good time for the workout.

As bodybuilders or celebrities, you need to be in the chiseled or aesthetic shape of the body.

It is critical to decide that which time is the best for the workout. You need to be in the best shape for getting bigger and stronger body.

The Role Of Circadian Clock

The sleep or wake cycle is also called a circadian rhythm. It is the natural system that regulates the different functions, sleepiness, and the wakefulness for around 24 hours of time.

The moderate time of the training is not actually the people think, there is a science that contributes to the training schedule.

Planning the training schedule is completely depended upon the circadian rhythm.

Each person has a different circadian rhythm in which some of the people have stronger and powerful training.

By selecting any one of the time periods, you will notice the flexibility, better sleep, and reduces the energy.

According to the study in the Northwestern University, growth of muscle tissues runs on the circadian clock for an internal temperature of the body 24 hours. The circadian clock allows to improved muscle growth, improved energy, and better performance.

In another study, working out at morning, evening, or in the night is similar but, consumption of caffeine before the morning workout helps you to increases the performance.

The best time of the workout is that where you feel more energizing and strength to enhance the performance.

The workout time may be morning or sometimes afternoon, and the evening.

Understand The Body Clock

There are different individuals that have the different clock of the body. Some are the morning person, some are the evening person, and some are the night person.

The body clock is called the circadian that affects the hormones level and genetically as well.

The melatonin is a hormone that is affected by the brightness and darkness.

Body Temperature:

 According to the different studies, the overall performance is related to the temperature of the body.

The response to the sleep cycle is different during a day and during the afternoon, and the night.

The exercise time depends upon the type, age or health, sharpness, light or heat, social activities, and the meals.

According to the researchers, the soccer players performed very well at the night. There are different time period such as the 4 PM, 8 PM, and the 12 PM as well.

The time period depends upon the age, health, and gender as well. More commonly, athletes over 50 ages doing more and harder training.

They are affecting by the people as they are rising earlier. This also requires the rest.

In the early morning, athletes have a greater risk of the stroke, heart attack, and the risk of various damages.

Exercises in the late time period may increase respiratory difficulties.

Time Period Depends Upon The Sleep Cycle

There are different individuals who have different sleep cycle in their body. It completely depends on the physiological processes in the body.

The workout regimen completely depends upon the person Lifestyle, Physical Conditions, Workout Schedule, And The Other Factors.

This is an area of the brain that responds to the light and different functions such as responding to the light.

For those individuals, who are getting sleep in the night while working out on the daytime period is the best way?

Some feel very sharp in the morning and others in the night.

Different Types Of Workout

The weight training is the most popular workout for achieving success in a bodybuilding.

When you think about fitness

You can easily achieve the 100% success from the hard or rigorous workouts. You can do your best if your physical and mental health is perfect.

Selection of workout really matter but, your time period also playing a good role and has effects in your overall routine.

Together with the exercises, you may also take the supplements for maintaining the overall health.

What Is The Best Time For Performing The Workouts?

There are almost four times in which you can perform the workouts such as:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • Night

According to many studies and the physical observations, you can pick up the time which is the best for training.

What are the benefits of selecting any one specific time?  Below, I have mentioned the detail of each time period along with the benefits.

Make sure, different individuals have a different sleep cycle and energy levels.

1) Morning

The best time for performing the workout for a building of muscle is morning as compared to other time periods.

In the morning, testosterone level, Human Growth Hormone, and other fundamental hormones are on the moderate range that allows the body to stimulate nitrogen retention process for the protein synthesis.

The morning exercises help you more to reach out the goals because of improved testosterone level.

It allows the re-building of muscle fiber during the weight training. This time is also perfect because you can improve the mental focus, restore the muscle and greater the efficiency.

Performing workout in a morning may allow your body to turn out the fat for an energy.

In this time, the stimulation of serotonin or happy hormone levels is on the peak while the low level of serotonin is associated with the depression.

These type of exercises elevate the mood for rest of the day, the changes take time.

Exercises help to elevate the mood for a long term due to the serotonin level. In the morning, you will feel a less stress for doing the performance.

By doing the workout in a morning time, give you the following benefits such as:

  • Improved level of testosterone
  • Increased mental focus or cognitive function
  • Better memory
  • Reduction of fat
  • Control temperature of the body
  • Improved mood

It was consider that the best time for training in the morning on the empty stomach for hypertrophy.

The reason behind this phenomena is that you can observe the bigger muscle mass and reduction of fat as well.

But it is not the same with every person because some types of people are feeling low, lethargic, and the fatigue in a morning time period and after taking the breakfast.

2) Afternoon

The other best time to do an exercise after the morning. This time affect the body natural system.

You can easily break plateaus by doing the muscle shocking techniques and highest the body limit to push further.

You can get the following benefits, if you are doing the workout in the afternoon;

  • Increased tolerance level to bear the pain
  • Somehow, there is low energy around noon time-period
  • Adrenalin and body temperature has raise
  • The period in which mental and physical function are the balance

According to many studies, there are many bodybuilders who prefer workout in the afternoon.

By doing a workout at the night, you may observe enhance strength and the stamina as well.

In the afternoon, you have a chance to fuel your body with two or three meals.

In this time period, the body has time to processes the carbohydrates for glycogen and synthesis of amino acids.

3) Evening

Generally, this time is not suitable for doing the workouts because it affects the body natural system of a sleep.

In the evening, the workout ability is increase to absorb the nutrients at a cellular level.

The evening is the best time for doing the workouts that is related to the strength and performance.

  • It is the time, where physical activities are on the peak.
  • The coordination, body temperature, and stamina at the peak level.
  • Performance of the lung is best
  • Increased strength as well as the flexibility
  • Improved mental focus

In the evening, there is the highest circadian rhythm when your core body temperature is at the highest.

These entire systems responsible for a proper circulation of the blood and oxygen that is more efficient for perform the workout.

4) The Night

Generally, the nighttime is not suitable for performing the workouts because our body tends to stimulate the melatonin production.

All of the processes should be slowing down because of slowing metabolic processes and difficult to give a time which is the best.

If you train yourself in a nighttime period so, it is more crucial to take the GABA for a production of deep and well-regulated sleep for bigger and the better growth.

The Factors You Should Consider

Together selecting the best time period, you should consider some of other factors which are mentioned below:

best workout routine

1.  Effects Of The Stress

Whatever the time you select, the stress may slow or shut down the system.

The cortisol is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar and catabolism as well.

The growth and building of muscles affected by the stress. The negative effects may alternate the positive effects of your workout.

You need to try the workouts for all the time. Eat the regular fruits and vegetables per meal.

2. Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Eat those fruits that are low in calorie and suppress the appetite level by taking the fiber.

They have consisted of vitamins, minerals, and the antioxidants that may improve the digestion process.

3. Eat More Protein

Adding more protein to your diet is beneficial for you because it prevents the breakdown of muscle and helps to recover.

According to the research, an average amount of the protein is 0.25 to 0.30 grams that you should take.

You will get protein from eggs, Greek yogurt, and the protein powder.

4. Calories count

Adjust the calories count according to the goal. Increase calories rate if you want to build up the muscle mass and decrease when your goal is to cut down the fat.

5. Take More Sleep

The muscle requires more recovery time period to repair. The recommended time for sleep is seven to eight hours.

Sleep also helps to regulate the cortisol, testosterone, and human growth hormones.

Less sleep around 1 or 2 hours may decline the 15% of hormones.


There is no any perfect time decided because it depends upon many factors. 

The body clocks affect the hormone levels the chemicals that affect the daily activities.

Finding the best time of the day to train yourself is not an option for you but, you have to understand entire information and how to manipulate the body results.