5 Best Exercises for Chest Building

Any mass gainer on his muscle building journey would go to any length to ensure he packs on some quality mass, especially on his upper-body.

And why not, after all, that’s how he desires to appear- all brawny and all burly.

chest building workout

But as simple as it sounds, things are never that easy for those trying hard for bigger pecs.

It tests your patience by all means yet; it often ends up making one feeling miserable and discouraged.

So what could it be that’s stopping you from having that breathtaking posture and enjoying that extreme upper-body strength?

Well, we could blame it to your form or perhaps, your body is just not ready before you start, that is, you are not warming it up rightly.

But if neither of the two is responsible for the poor gains you are experiencing every time, possibilities are that you are not going for the right exercises or perhaps, the right combination of them.

A Beginner’s Guide For Chest Workouts

If that is the case, we bring you some really effective exercises which are far beyond bench press.

Frankly speaking, these are some advanced ones that will torch up your chest gaining potentials and give you results you have been hard working for.

So go through these exercises and select 2 or 3 suitable ones for your pectorals. 

Do not forget to rotate between movements once you pass a month or a period less than that.

1) Clap Press-Up

To perform this, you need to make the push-up pose.

That is, put yourself in plank position while ensuring to keep your hands and belly stretched.

Remember to position your hands somewhat underneath the shoulders and not over them.

Now move your upper body down towards the floor.

Pull it back with utmost pressure in a way your hands get separate, following a quick clap when up.

2) Chest Dips

Performing this could be a bit difficult because it calls for the right posture on the dip station that needs to be maintained throughout.

But Chest dips are not just about chest building but a lot more than we think.

It strengthens and chisels the torso while adding in the strength gains of chest.

To do it, hold the bars using the palms while your face against the dip station.

Keep the arms stretched while your lower legs crossed.  

Now in a gradual motion, push yourself down in the very same posture until you notice your arms forming the right angle.

Pull yourself immediately up until the arms stretch to the initial position and repeat.

3) Staggered Press-up

Then there is Staggered Press, which we can call the advance version of push-ups.

The interesting turn or change about staggered press is that it involves a push up without placing the arms parallel to each other.

To perform it, take the push-up position while keeping the right hand somewhat ahead to the left.

Bend yourself down till you get closest to the floor and move back to the original position.

Repeat the move while keeping your arms parallel to each other this time.

Continue with the movements using the very same order.

4) Decline barbell bench press

Decline barbell bench press is all about popping your chest.

And performing it isn’t complicating too.

Simply grab a barbell while lying down on your back on a decline adjusted bench.

Position your hands right below your chest and start to lift up and down the barbell.

Repeat the moves and you will find yourself out of breathe shortly.

5) Decline Press-Up

This specifically stresses and works on the lower pecs so that you are able to develop a properly formed chest with the level of definition it needs to appear engaging.

To perform this, position your toes on a bench while facing, and your hands touching the floor.

Make sure you keep your hands straight and stretched, parallel to each other.

Now in a constant but steady way, move your body towards the down to a point you feel your chest is about to touch the floor.

Move yourself up until reaching the starting point, all the way exerting pressure on the chest.

Wait for a moment to begin again.


These were few of our selected exercises we generally prefer over some basic ones.

Other than these, we would recommend close-grip barbell bench press and incline barbell bench press for the serious ones to consider.