Is (Gyno) Gynecomastia Curable?

Most of the fitness professionals with an aesthetic physique and broad shoulders look great but, sometimes overweight and the man boobs can dramatically create a negative impact. 

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The junk foods and the lack of exercise may develop an excess amount of the fat around the chest area and affect your physique badly.

Despite all of the methods related to the chiseled physique. It is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) Curable?

Yes, the Gyno is completely curable if you follow the proper method and it also depends on the several factors like the level or stage and what are the causes?

There are various methods are available to cure the Gyno but, you need to select the specific one.

The low-calorie diet and the rigorous workout are contributing to manage some of the conditions and reduce the intensity of diseases.

While the gynecomastia curable is entirely based on the causes of gynecomastia.

There are different causes of the gynecomastia development but, the key is imbalances of the male hormones “testosterone” and the female hormone “estrogen”.

In this condition, the testosterone level is going to drop down and the estrogen level becomes to elevate.

The fluctuation of these hormones may develop different conditions or female like characteristics.

The Gyno normally develop in the infant phase or the pubertal stage and this is commonly named as the physiologic gynecomastia.

Not only this, it is also developed due to some conditions such as bodybuilding and the sedentary lifestyle.

The gynecomastia cases are reported 6% in the adolescent boys and a large number of the bodybuilders also experience the excess fat around the chest area.

How To Cure And Treat The Gyno?

To cure the gynecomastia, the very first you need the cause of diseases.

  • If the reason is malnutrition so, there may be the creation of a hormonal environment that sometimes causes the gynecomastia.
  • The liver cirrhosis also alters the hormone metabolism that causes the gynecomastia.
  • Some of the male sex organ disorders are also playing a role to reduce the testosterone production and increase the estrogen level that developed Gyno. The disorders may be trauma, infection, aging, and testicular infections.
  • The severe conditions such as chronic renal failure and the hyperthyroidism may cause the hormonal imbalance.

After understanding the gynecomastia, you can easily overcome the situation and follow the method that is specific or relate to your situation.

1) The Exercises And The Diet:

The gynecomastia is also developed due to the lack of lifestyle habits combined with poor diet and the exercises.

exercise for gyno treatment

For the treatment of this type of Gyno, you need to do some of the exercises such as cardiovascular diseases like walking, swimming, cycling, running, and the jogging.

You may use the machine for at least three to four weeks. Try to start the session from the 10 minutes.

Rest of the other methods, swimming is a great option to do the exercises without feeling any fatigue and it is useful as compared to the other versions.

The important note:

Try to avoid the heavy chest exercises including weightlifting because they may be fatal sometime or playing a role to harden the muscles.

To overcome the gynecomastia, you need to use the few types of equipment and consult to the physician or a doctor before doing any heavy weight lifting.

If we talk about the diet so, it is important to eliminate the foods that are stimulating an estrogen level in the body.

Try to incorporate the foods into your diet that provides you the quality nutrients.

2) The Medications:

In some cases, the medicines can overcome the Gynecomastia. The most common medicines for treating the Gyno are Clomiphene, raloxifene (Evista), Tamoxifen (Soltamox), and the Aromatase inhibitors (Arimidex).

These are not eliminating the breast tissues but, they are considered in the most effective plan.

The Aromatase inhibitors are also used in the Gyno treatment but, they are less effective as compared to the SERMs.

3) Surgery:

Some of the extreme cases require surgery as it necessary. In this case, you need to visit the clinic for three to six months.

It is one of the easiest ways and requires for the treatment of chronic gynecomastia. There are many forms of surgery such as liposuction, mastectomy, and other forms.

4) The Bodybuilding Gynecomastia:

If you are familiar to the fitness world and aware from the bodybuilding side-effects.

So, you may definitely hear the anabolic steroids that cause some of the undesirable effects such as gynecomastia and the water retention.

The Gyno is related to the imbalances of the hormones more specifically estrogen and testosterone result from the steroid use.

To reduce the gynecomastia, it is important to know about the stages or the type of a steroid cycle.

If you want to avoid this condition so just make your steroid cycle less toxic or the light. The mild steroids and the low stacking may reduce the stages.

Moreover, the Post Cycle Therapy is important to minimize toxicity from the liver and eliminate the female like characteristics.

5) Find The Therapist And Get The Society Support:

Hire the therapist is important for you and to overcome or treating the Gyno condition.

Get rid of man boobs

The therapist or psychologist help you to neglect the anxiety and depression from life.

Anxiety or depression is the most common problem of the modern world. With the discoveries of more methods put your mental health into the harm.

Thus, the role of society is very important to overcome the body shame whether it is in the state of fat or the thinning.

Because the Gyno turns people to feel more isolated and embarrassed. It is spread under the specific groups of ages and we should be supported the people who are suffering from gynecomastia.

If you do not want to hire the therapist or talk to the psychologist so, try to make good communication with your friends or the family members.

These members help you to overcome the Gyno condition by eliminating the negative thoughts from your life.

The other way to reduce it by speaking those peoples who already have the gynecomastia.

There are different forums are available where you can easily discuss your problem and share your problems with others in order to find out some of the solutions or the methods of treatment.

The Final Verdict:

According to some reports, the gynecomastia treatment requires less than two years for complete recovery.

Sometimes, it may cause the severe pain and overgrowth of the breasts.

The cure depends upon the cause of Gynecomastia and which stage you are present yet.

Some of the less common Gyno are easily treated by managing a healthy lifestyle including diet and the exercises.

While, the most severe cause require surgery or some advanced methods.